Whether running a small boutique gift shop or a large department store, the location and efficiency of your check-out stations can make or break your customer experience. VIC is designed to be a compact solution for ringing up customers briskly, providing 15 hours of powered mobility to help employees complete order after order … without a single trip to the power outlet.

For larger stores, a VIC fleet can be deployed to provide a distributed system of check-out stations, while being able to easily adapt and re-locate based on the store's foot-traffic metrics. Click here to read more some VIC case studies.




The VIC cart will help your employees efficiently complete customer purchases without worrying about plugging in your point of sale devices like receipt printers and terminals.


We understand versatility is key, so we will work with you to integrate your equipment and your workflow into creating the ultimate check-out machine.



We understand your brand is a very important part of the customer experience. We will work with you to integrate your unique branding elements onto your VIC carts. From color and logo finishes to exclusive accessories and features that make you ... you.

Currently, VIC is offered in two finishes: cedar and mahogany.



Please contact us to learn more about how VIC can help improve efficiency and customer service within your business.

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