Stores are constantly changing their displays and merchandise locations. Spotlight helps reduce downtime with its smart features: built-in RFID scanners let Spotlight know what’s on its shelf and can begin displaying prices and advertising on its high-definition screen, it also allows employees the ability to track inventory and find misplaced items.




The Spotlight can come in a variety of different sizes and is completely scaleable. Eliminate display downtime by stocking a Spotlight with merchandise in the back, then simply roll out and replace the Spotlight unit on the floor. Retailers with large salesfloors can even rent space out to OEMs and vendors!


We understand that versatility is key, so we will work with you to integrate your equipment and your workflow into creating the ultimate fleet of smart-shelving units.




We understand your brand is a very important part of the customer experience. We will work with you to integrate your unique branding elements onto your Spotlight. From color and logo finishes to exclusive accessories and features that make you ... you.



Please contact us to learn more about how Spotlight can help improve efficiency and productivity in your business’s daily processes.