Retailers with large warehouse and fulfillment centers demand speed and efficiency in identifying orders and preparing them for shipment. The Pac family provides long lasting powered mobility to help your employees handle hundreds of shipments per day … without a single trip to the power outlet. Click here to read more some Pac case studies.




The Pac cart is designed to keep your employees engaged without worrying about the need to recharge all the electronics needed to complete orders.


We understand versatility is key, so we will work with you to integrate your equipment and your workflow into creating the ultimate fulfilling machine.




We understand your brand is a very important part of the customer experience. We will work with you to integrate your unique branding elements onto the Pac cart. From color and logo finishes to exclusive accessories and features that make you ... you.

Currently, Pac is offered in three finishes: blue, gold, and rose gold.



Please contact us to learn more about how Pac can help improve efficiency and productivity in your business’s daily processes.

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