Whatever the purpose, thirdmatter is proud to present solutions for every industry.

From grocery stores to warehouses, from big-box stores to restaurants, we’re here to help increase your productivity and efficiency through powered mobility.



Grocery stores, big-box retailers, and department stores across the country are struggling to keep up with the increase of online shopping. By creating a more fulfilling customer experience, maximizing employee satisfaction, and streamlining workflow in the front and back of the store, thirdmatter can help department stores keep a competitive edge.

Fulfillment: The DASH fulfillment cart and order-picking cart help employees fulfill orders for ship-from-store or in-store-pick-up in record time.

Stocking & Restocking: The DASH cart helps keep your shelves and racks stocked.

Checkout: Rolling out the VIC point-of-sales (POS) cart during busy hours adds additional checkout stands.

Shipping & Receiving: The PAC mobile powered workstation helps improve shipping & receiving efficiency.



The hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels, event venues, etc.) have started adopting technology to assist with customer service and workflow. thirdmatter offers mobile solutions that don’t require architectural or interior design changes, and can fit multiple needs.

Point of Sale/Purchase: VIC can offer employees additional checkout locations while DAISY can offer a non-permanent self-service option.
Stocking & Restocking: PAC and DASH can help keep your backroom, supplies, and inventory organized and stocked.
Food & Beverage Service: DASH offers the ability to assist with food delivery.



Warehouses, backrooms, and fulfillment centers are the backbone for businesses. thirdmatter’s products help keep the workflow running at peak efficiency in order to ensure businesses thrive.

Shipping & Receiving: The PAC mobile workstation significantly increases productivity, organization, and management of items that are sent and received.
Inventory/Supply Management: Utilizing a mobile workstation like PAC in a large environment greatly increases efficiency when organizing and maintaining inventory.
Fulfillment: The DASH cart is a powered order-picking cart that helps employees quickly fulfill orders with its on-board power.



thirdmatter products can be utilized in a variety of different ways and industries. Whether it’s at a cinema, a theater, a sports stadium, a concert venue, healthcare, or even education - the possibilities are endless!

Events & Concerts: The DAISY point of purchase/self-serve kiosk can be rolled out to help manage long lines.
Conventions & Exhibits: A mobile workstation like PAC can keep track of your leads, provide demonstrations, and off mobile power options previously unavailable!
Education: Utilizing mobile workstations like PAC makes projector and TV carts a thing of the past!



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